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LED Matrix Display

  • P4 LED Display Screen
  • P4 LED Display Screen
P4 LED Display ScreenP4 LED Display Screen

P4 LED Display Screen

  • Product description: P4-128*128MM-16S-SM16017
Parameter Specs
Brightness  >1000 nits
Viewing Angle  Horizontal 160 deg;       Vertical 140 deg
Best Viewing Distance 4meters
Brightness Control 256 level
Gray scale  16 bit
Refresh frequency >1920 Hertz
Driving mode 1/16scan
Input power frequency 50 or 60 Hertz
Input Voltage 220 Volt/110V
Blind spot rate 1/10000
Lifetime at 50% brightness 100,000 Hours
Ingress Protection Front IP43,  Rear IP34
Operation temperature                                20 C ~﹢50 C
Operation humidity  10 90
Control distance CAT5 cable:150 m; Mutil-fiber:500-150 m
Input interface                    AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI,  HDMI, SDI,etc. available with video processor 
Computer software  Windows (2000/XP/Vista/7)
Production specification 
Product name  P4 Production name  p4 indoor full color display
Pixel pitch  4mm Pixel density  62500dot/sqm
LED lamp 
Color  type  LED lamp  Wave length Brightness   
Red  SMD3 in 1(RGB) Bitmap
625-630 nm 1000 mcd  
Green 520-525 nm 2000 mcd  
Blue 465-470 nm 450 mcd  
Unit module             
128(W)*128(H)mm Module size  0.016768sqm Bitmap
32*32 Power consumption max : 20W
0.13 kg/pcs  Ave:   14W
Unit cabinet 
Cabinet size  512(W)*512mm(H)  
Cabinet material  iron cabinet
Cabinet weight  24Kg/cabinet
Power Max 860W/sqm
Power average 310 W/sqm




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